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Pictures from Christmas to March which includes Ian
turning 4 years old!!! Where has our baby gone??



Ian and Jokey messing around before Christmas

Grammy and Ian playing on Christmas Day

Playing with bath finger paints he got from Kris, John,
Matt and Anna for Christmas



Christmas Eve

"I do all my own stunts" shirt from Angie

I believe storm #2 of 4 on it's way that hit us

Skiing at Snowmass

Ian helping make cookies with Dad

"Maker Boy"

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Bev visiting for Ian's 4th Birthday

Finally most of the snow is gone so Ian can ride his hummer.
He's almost too tall for it but he's gotten a lot of use out of it!
He rides it to the park sometimes!

Helping Dad pound in nails to finish up our shelving in the garage.

I measured him this day (March 11th) and he's currently
3 feet 8 and a half inches! tall boy!