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Dad and Ian at the Zoo

The family trio...

sitting on James' shoulders looking at the birds

Ian was most amazed by the giraffes.  He has a print hanging in his room that has giraffes on it.  He points at it almost every morning. (He calls them "waffs")

Staring at the giraffes

Ian with his new harmonica...there is a movie clip of him playing it.

Still not quite getting the hang of feeding himself...gets caught up in playing with his food...he's getting better though.

We went to Heritage Park in Golden, CO on 6/12/04 for Grammy Pam's company picnic. Ian had many "firsts" this day.  Here are a few we captured...Check out some of the new movies as well

Bumper Boats

Stilt man

Ian as a little doggy...

His first carousel ride

Donkey at petting zoo

First pony ride

Alpine Slide...Yes, Ian rode on it!  3 times!!!

Didn't want to get off...

Roy and Vedra "duking it out"

Tad on the Velcro Wall. We wanted to stick Ian up there
but they didn't have a suit small enough

Train ride around the park

Since it was raining, we went to Fort Fun in Fort Collins to play. 



Happy Birthday Dad!!

Tad didn't want to miss this shot of the silouette of Max waiting to come in when it started raining.


Visiting the Airforce Academy in Colorado Springs, CO



Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO


Rocky Mountain National Park




Matt and Anna's solo ride home to Minnesota on a plane.


Grandma Karen's visit.  We went to Aspen to see Grammy Pam for the 4th.


I believe Janell used to sleep like this...


At the Aspen 4th of July parade


Tad's old Boy Scout troop #242


Hot days so we broke out the pool.


Cool dude with the shades!!


Grandma bought Ian a whole bunch of new books including this Big Animal book
and his favorite, the Big truck book!


Another record of Ian's growth progress next to Daddy. (He started below Tad's knee)


More showing off his harmonica skills


Visiting Fort Collins "Old Town" before grandma has to catch her plane


Time for Grandma to go and Ian needs a nap...