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Happy Birthday Ian!!!
February 3, 2006 - 3 years old!!

Timeless toys...






































































Here is Ian with the same toy at 5 1/2 months...

Funny Face...

Playing with his new tube sled from Santa. Had
to go to Aspen to play in the snow.

Snowball fight

We tipped over on the sled and he scraped his eye.
He is a real trooper though.

Ian's birthday evening. We had dinner with Grandma Karen
Aunt Vedra and Adeline.

Ian taking photos

He was having a big party the next day so we just got a
yummy cupcake for after the birthday dinner.

Presents from Grandpa Bob and Grandma Bev

Party Day! There were about 9 kids in all with their parents
who made it to Ian's party. This is the fishing game that
Grandma Karen and Ian made. Each child got to fish for a
gift pack. They had a great time with it!

It was nice enough to play in the back yard...that goodness!!!
We had a PB&J bar (different kinds of PB & J to choose from)
and chips and punch to eat for lunch. Parents got lunch meat
if they prefered.

Here is Ian's buddy, Kyle playing with Ian's baseball pitching machine

We did a Scooby Doo theme.

Ian playing with his new remote control tumbler car.

At Ian's buddy, Tyler's, birthday party that same evening.

Lost in his balloons.

Reading stories with Grandma

Bath time!!! Man, does this kid love baths! Even if we spell it, he knows!!!
Dang, he's smart!!




Ian having fun with his cousin Addie.

Ahhh The day has finally arrived!!! Tad has been waiting
for the day to take Ian skiing since the day he was born.
On March 23, 2006, we took Ian up to Copper Mountain.

Here he is trying on his boots for the first time.

He thinks he's a "cool dude" with his shades on.

He thought it was pretty funny walking around in his skis and boots.

Getting ready for his first lesson with Daddy. Remember, Tad
used to teach 3 year olds how to ski.

Notice the "worm" on the front of Ian's skis. It helps to keep
the tips together when he's pushing out his feet to make a wedge
and stop.

Tad started out by just pushing him around on a very small hill.

He took to it pretty quickly but was a little more interested
in having a snowball fight.

Later in the day, Tad got him back in his skis and boy
did he start to have fun!!! This is our favorite shot of him.

Tad would tell him to put his hands on his knees and push his
feet out to make a "pizza pie". He would hang on to the back
of his jacket and have him go down a steeper hill. We
didn't take him on a chair lift this time.

He would tell Daddy, "5 more times Daddy, 5 more times!"
He was LOVING it. Tad (and myself) could not have been prouder!

Here are some pictures from this Spring...

In Grammy Pam's hot tub for the first time.

Throwing rocks in the Roaring Fork River by Grammy's

Playing baseball in Minnesota (April)

goofing around on the trampoline with Anna

Where there's water, there's rocks and sticks to
throw in it!!!

Learning how to call geese from Matt. A couple actually
flew in but then the dogs chased them away.

Puppy from family across the street came to visit

Triple birthday. Kris's 40th, Anna's 12th and Matt's 14th.

Easter Sunday

Finding eggs around Grandma Karen's house.

Showing Great Grandma how he can hit the ball.

Ian and Great Grandma Ann.

Ian with Janell's Aunt Pat

Exhausting trip.

Tad's little shadow. They love to sit on the deck and watch
the sprinkler.

Our little sweet niece Addie Mae

Ian and Janell went to "The Wiggles" show at the
Budweiser Event Center.

This was the week he tried to skip the nap routine but tuckered
out around 3:30-4:00 every day. got him back to naps...thank goodness!

Playing at a park in Carbondale, CO, near Aspen

Riding in Grammy's new tractor.

At the Adventure Dome in Circus Circus. Went to Vegas to
visit Grandpa Walt for his birthday over the Memorial Weekend.

Downtown Las Vegas - Fremont Street light show

Ian watching the light show

Ian took a swimming lesson...plan on signing him up soon.

Took his lesson with his buddy, Chris

At the Renaissance Festival

Finally hit the year he wanted a sword...

Just couldn't stay awake a second longer.

CJ, Francis, (Colin's parents) Sharon (Colin's girlfriend) and Colin (Tad's employee). We went rafting down the
Poudre River. Sharon fell out once. We had a great time!

Ian's first girlfriend! Ha ha...It's Brooke Shell, my friend, Deb's 4 yr. old
daughter. They live in Florida but happened to be visiting MN
the same time we were so we met up at their hotel for a couple of hours.

Deb, Tracy and Brooke

Almost instantly loved the lake and water.

Finding rocks and shells

Driving the pontoon with Grandpa

Matt and John Petersen (Nephew and Brother-in-Law)

Swimming out at Lincoln Point. Very quick drop off but had
fun in the waves...it was calm and hot at the cabin.

making sand castles with Dad

Our quaint little cabin. LOVE IT!!!

2 windows - Kitchen, 6 windows - dining area, 12 windows - living room
and 3 bedrooms on the backside


Dad pointing out a couple of loons

Is that a yawn???

playing with Grandpa in the water

Anna and her best friend

Grandpa still being a kid...we are all kids at the lake!

Kris and her nephew, Will, playing baseball with Ian and John

Uncle John taught Ian how to pitch by lifting his leg.

"ready positions"

Ian beat the girls in a game of scrabble.

Helping Grandma Bev in the garden

Fishing in Wisconsin...with a piece of grass...

Reading with Grandpa

Catching fish with Grandpa

Swimming at a public beach near Grandpa and Grandma's house

Sunset at the lake

He always gets tired on the boat...

Fashion Addie

Bike ride to Dairy Queen

Fishing at the Poudre. No bites

Chris's 9th birthday party at Pizza Hut.

Making goofy faces for the camera at Grammy Pam's house.

Grammy Pam bought him a cool leather jacket.

One of our first snowfalls

Playing soccer in the back yard

Ian as an alligator for halloween

Went to a Halloween party at Scott and Natascha's with Dad

Halloween night with the Ryden's and Angie as well

Addie was a ladybug this year.

Ian's wooden pet snake that Roy and Vedra brought back from
Belize. This is the first pet he named all by himself. His name
is "Jokey".

Ian's first Christmas recital for MOPS. he was a sheep.

He would say, "Mom...Mom...take a picture of me."

He got to hold up the last "S" in "Christmas". An older girl
recited the meaning of each letter of Christmas then they sang
a couple of Christmas songs.

At Dave and Buster's Bar and Grill for one of our clients'
Christmas parties we were invited to. He loved playing Skee Ball

Playing foosball at Scott's house

This is the "Blue 22 Hut Hut" game he's playing with Uncle Roy
Notice the cheerleader in the bottom of the photo?

Went a few days without a nap...he was watching a movie and
I think it all caught up with him.

Going out to get our Christmas tree. Missed the deadline to get a permit
for Red Feather so we went to a tree farm in Greeley.

Waiting for the tractor to come back and pick us up.

Ian helping to carry the tree to the car.

Dad and Ian putting on the Christmas lights!

Ian helped to decorate the tree. He did a great job!

Our tree for 2006

Just some fun photos of Ian taken on December 19th
during the blizzard.

We ended up with about 25" of snow when all was said and done.