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Ian helping dad start a fire

Playing with Max

IN the cupboard again

Hiking with James and Holli on 2/22/04

Ian LOVED grammy's 60th birthday cake!!! MMM GA!

Hmmm. Like father like son?? Bottle...Bottle

Ian watching Disney on Ice on 3-13-04 (a bit on the tired side but loved it)

Still likes to read (read "rip up") magazines

Sitting on his PoKnee that Grammy got him...not too sure about it at the beginning.

Finally getting into it

Playing in the back yard on a gorgeous March day. In the 70's.

Just plain cute!!

Playing with his truck in the back yard on ANOTHER 70's day in March (notice the shorts...)

I guess we opened pandora's box and he climbed in...

Our little handyman

Ian's first haircut...Before shot


After shot...He's not a baby anymore!!!  :-(


Ian's First Easter Egg Hunt!

Ian would take a bite of his chocolate bunny and then...

take a sip of his milk and go "mmmmmm!!!!"  He'll make a million on his new invention...something called chocolate milk!

What his bunny looked like when Mom said it was time to be done with chocolate for the day.  He finished it the next day.  Now he changed the meaning of the sign for "food" to "candy"...go figure.

Ian hanging out with Grandpa Walt and Walt's Sister, Sharilyn

Here are some photos of the day in the life of Ian Thomas Osborn...

Ian bit mom pretty hard when I used the infant toothbrush (a rubber bristled "finger puppet") so it was time for the big boy tooth brush.  He took to it immediately! check out the movie!

Ian loves going down the slide at the park.

Getting ready to take the plunge yet again!