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Birth to 3 months
4-6 months
7-9 months
10-12 months
13-15 months
16-18 months
19-21 months
22-24 months
2 years part 1
2 years part 2
3 years

Ian loving bath time, as usual

Talented builder!

Looking out the plane window on our way to Minnesota

Looking at photos with Grandma

Spending time with family. Here is Aunty Kris

Playing Frisbee with Anna and Matt

Hanging out by the fire with Candy

Anna, Jana and Ian

Candy, Jana, Ian and Kevin

Watching Matt play hockey

Reading the "doggy book" with Grandpa and Grandma

Visiting and playing with Great Grandma

Loved riding Great Grandma's "bike"

Reading with Grandpa

Ian's day at Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America

Watching Anna play hockey


Blowing out his candle

NO! that's NOT Ian's beer...

Ian got wonderful presents like books, movies, puzzles, clothes and a drawing desk.
He was very happy!

Here is Ian at his new drawing desk from Grandpa Walt. The top is painted
with chalkboard paint so he can draw with sidewalk chalk then erase it.
Behind him you may notice a potty chair. We are introducing him to it
now and he seems to be pretty interested in it. He sits on it and says,
"Go pee pee?" then gets up and runs away.

Reading with Auntie Kris

Here are a series of photos where Ian gives his "funny face"
VERY "Osborn-ish" don't you think???

Having fun with Auntie Kris

At Ocean Journey

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Old Town

Drawing on the sidewalk at home

Again, with the funny face!!

Grammy Pam bought him a BIG DUCK!!!

Easter Egg Hunt 2005. There are 2 movie clips that go with these.

The Easter Bunny brought him a "bunny train"

Holding Tonya and Yasso's new baby, Canyon (Scott &
Natascha Rinehart's new nephew)

Playing with Scott while we were getting new carpet

Using his bubble bee to blow bubbles

Playing with neighbor Christopher ("Kiffer")

First time bowling. He almost beat his Mother but she
squeaked by him by 1 point. He got 113!!!

Playing with Grandma Karen at the end of April

Later that same week!! What a change huh?

At a cafe in Basalt, CO

A water main burst near Grandma Pam's house

Still likes the lizard and snake he got from Grandpa Walt

FINALLY uses the Sit-N-Spin he got from the Petersen's
for Christmas

Playing in the back yard

2 years continued...