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Here are some Fall pics of Ian and Halloween Photos 2004.
New movies coming soon.

Cho weefs outside

Petting Zoo at the Corn Maze

Corn box

We followed Ian through the maze a bit...
needless to say he got us pretty lost.

Back to the petting zoo

Sitting at the campfire, Ian was pretty tired.

Playing in the back yard on "fooball day"

Halloween 2004 - An "Lfant"

He wasn't too fond of the hood at first.

Once daddy took him out trick or treating with the
neighbors, he was fine.  Walked up each house with
Christopher (7 yrs old) while Tad, John Crosby, Nancy and Randy
waited on the sidewalk.

Janell stayed home to hand out candy. Ian did very well. He would say
"trit o treat" and bail before getting his candy. At two houses, he
actually walked into the house. Tad had to go get him! He performed
his elephant sounds at a few houses as well.
Here he is at the end of his night out.

At Grammy Pam's in the Fall. Daddy giving his son some kisses.

Trying to get Destiny's attention

Playing on Grammy's horse carriage

Hanging out with Grammy watching...Baby Einstein I'm sure!

Thanksgiving 2004 at Roy and Vedra's. This is not even 1/2 of the people who were there.

Christmas 2004 photo of the family

Christmas Eve party at Jim and Olwen Garcia's house in Basalt, Colorado. (About 15 minutes from Grammy Pam's house)

Ian wanted to go see the horses.

Christmas Day 2004

Wanted to wear his new bike helmet while playing with his new toys and eating a "bala" (banana)

Took a few tries but Ian finally started feeding Destiny carrots on his own.

Being a goofball at the dinner table - There is a small movie clip showing what he was up to.

Feeding Destiny carrots...again. Once he got used to it, he wanted to keep doing it. - There is a movie clip too.

Grammy and Ian playing "my chair" game. Grammy would get up and Ian would jump in the chair saying "my chair!". Grammy would sit down with him and say "no! my chair! Then Grammy would find Ian's tickle spots. - There is a movie clip of this too.