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Lincoln Creek camping area near Aspen, CO

Daddy jumping in to FREEZING water in the river by our campsite

Doing it AGAIN!!!

Passing the time before the fireworks

Cooling off on a HOT day in Fort Collins.

Renaissance Festival

Playing with Kazu, Travis and Mikiko's 4 1/2 year old son.
They were visiting from Japan

Can you believe they are 2 years apart??

Helping Grandma Karen sweep the garage.

Went out to eat with Danielle, one of my long time friends and
bridesmaids at our wedding.

Playing at the lake by Grandma Karen's house

Just a little tired...but still having fun...right?

Grandma Karen bought him some new toys to get ready for the
lake. Boats and a fishing pole.

Tad's friend, Jerrad's son.
Went to a pool picnic while in town

FINALLY at the lake!

Trying out Uncle John's new boat! He loved it!

Daddy tubing

Relaxing with Mommy

Waving to mommy.

Playing in the water with Auntie Kris

Great Grandma reading a bird book to Ian

Family photo

Driving the Pontoon with Grandpa Bob

Playing soccer with cousin Matt

Mommy skiing! She's still got it!! Barely!

Fishing at Markee lake across the road from the cabin

Visiting Grandpa Bob and Grandma Bev's new home

Farmer Ian had a farm...

Back to the lake. Alexa, Anna and Ian

Making funnel sand castles with Grandma Karen

Anna and Kris

Ian & Matt

Pouring water all over mommy. It felt great!

Ian and Anna

Anna and Matt

Petersen Family

Osborn family

Big happy family

Mom and daughters

Visiting Great Grandma again.

Ian meeting Addie for the first time.

Proud Daddy!

Grandpa Walt, Roy and Addie

All the boys and our little princess.

Auntie Janell (Ian took this photo)

Very proud cousin!!!

Proud Mommy!

Long day for Ian after visiting his new cousin.

Photos from August 24th through the end of September.
Still working on the potty training but making progress!

Our precious Addie with her amazing daddy!


Has a little ways to go to fill daddy's shoes


Playing with Auntie Kris


Having a good time with Grandpa Walt


Picking berries


Hanging out with Grammy and Addie


Scott's birthday dinner at "The Fort" in Morrison, CO


Helping to paint Grammy's new trash bin to keep the dogs out
of the garbage.


Playing with Grammy and Jake.


Getting ready to ride Destiny for the first time!


Being a great helper at Scott and Natasha's house


First trip to the dentist. (not much) Just a quick look in his mouth.

Ian is laying under his crib with Java

Java is the ONLY cat that allows this...

Ian and Addie

Addie looking up at Uncle Tad

Cousin Addie

Ian is getting really good on the computer...go figure.

Trying on Daddy's glasses...mini Tad

Addie and Grammy before our Walk to D'feet ALS walk

Addie with mommy

Ian walking Max...or is it the other way around?

Addie, Daddy and Grammy

We would trade off pushing the stroller. Sometimes Ian
wanted to push, sometimes he wanted to ride.

Hangin' with Grammy

Playing in a tree house with Uncle Roy

Ian picked out his own pumpkin with Grammy Pam


Ian wanted to take a nap under his crib. This was just before
we switched him to his big boy bed.

Ian was excited to get his big boy bed!

Found him a cute truck to put toys in but he had other ideas.

celebrating the Broncos win

Addie at around 2 months

The mysterious Zorro about ready to head out to trick or treat.

Chris was a ninja

Ian, Chris, Tyler and Valerie out trick or treating.

Ian's new buddy, Tyler was Tommy Train. Tyler is 1 day
older than Ian.

Tyler, Ian and neighbor Valerie after a night of trick or treating.

High 5! What a fun night!

Great Buds!

Playing in the leaves out in the front yard.

Happy Cousins

Blowing bubbles in the tub. Looks like a young Santa!

Playing the guitar with Scott.

When we went to cut down our Christmas tree, Smokey the Bear
was there. Ian was excited to see him until we got there. Then
he wasn't too sure about 'Ol Smokey.

These next two photos below are deceiving. Ian was NOT having a very good
time on this trip. He wanted to be carried the whole time. We
should have had a sled...

Ian helping decorate the tree

Ian's buddy, Tyler came over for the evening while his parents
went to a Christmas party. Boy did they have a great time together!

Story time with Santa!!

When Santa asked what Ian wanted for Christmas, Ian
leaned in and said, "presents".

Mya protecting the presents??

Insane amount of gifts this year!!!

Ian got to open one gift on Christmas Eve.

Pretty little Adeline

Well, look at that! Santa brought 2 sleds to Ian for Christmas!
Wish we would have had them a bit earlier...Now all we need
is SNOW...plenty in the high country but none here.

What do you know...Trucks for Christmas.


And more trucks

Proud Grandpa with Addie and her one of many hats she got for Christmas

IIan got a great gift from Walt. A T-ball set that pops 5 balls
into the air to practice batting. He's great at it!!!

Robes robes robes

Kisses for Addie!!!

And the gift that trumped us all! From Grammy Pam and Grandpa Walt
An H2 Hummer. Sounds like his buddy Tyler got a Ford. It will be
funny to see the two of them cruising the neighborhood for chicks
this summer.