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Dad and Ian at the Zoo

The family trio...

sitting on James' shoulders looking at the birds

Ian was most amazed by the giraffes.  He has a print hanging in his room that has giraffes on it.  He points at it almost every morning. (He calls them "waffs")

Staring at the giraffes

Ian with his new harmonica...there is a movie clip of him playing it.

Still not quite getting the hang of feeding himself...gets caught up in playing with his food...he's getting better though.

We went to Heritage Park in Golden, CO on 6/12/04 for Grammy Pam's company picnic. Ian had many "firsts" this day.  Here are a few we captured...Check out some of the new movies as well

Bumper Boats

Stilt man

Ian as a little doggy...

His first carousel ride

Donkey at petting zoo

First pony ride

Alpine Slide...Yes, Ian rode on it!  3 times!!!

Didn't want to get off...

Roy and Vedra "duking it out"

Tad on the Velcro Wall. We wanted to stick Ian up there
but they didn't have a suit small enough

Train ride around the park

Frontier Days, Cheyenne WY with James and Holli

A series of photos showing how tolerant Max is of Ian these days...

We got rained out at the Renaissance Festival.

Sitting on a saddle at Liz and Jeff Swenson's wedding reception

At the lake in Minnesota

Aunt Kris

Great Grandma Freeman

About the only time he would nap was on the pontoon

This high chair has been used for many kids in our family.

Family photo

Captain of the boat!

Grandma Bev

Grandpa Bob

Uncle John

Cousin Anna

Visiting Great Grandma before leaving Brainerd, MN

Smell the pretty flowers!!

Big kiss for Great Grandma.

Visiting with Grandma Karen a bit

18 month old photo

Tad's Aunt Carole, cousin Micki and her family at the Denver Zoo

Later that night we went out for dinner at a Moroccan place with Scott and Natascha and friends. Ian loved the belly dancer.

Ian yet again trying Max's patience

Visit from Grandpa Walt.

Dave and Katherine passing through town from Arizona. Had breakfast over at Roy and Vedra's house.

Ian's first art project.  I guess we need to get him an easel or drawing table...

Dixie playing a song for Ian at Scott and Natascha's
BBQ the day before the wedding

Scott's niece and nephew, Abby and Will

Ian's artwork at Scott's house (no worries, renovation in progress)

Tanya, 10 days younger than Ian

Will is 4 years old and Ian only 1 1/2!!  Tall boy!

Ian just finished his lunch...dirt.

Octoberfest, Fort Collins, Sept. 25th with friends Luke and Melody Fehls

Waltzing with Aunt Vedra

Playing frisbee with dad and John Crosby

Can't tell here but he loves to swing

At Chuck E Cheese for neighbor's 7th birthday

Having a great time with Nancy (neighbor)

Playing with Grammy before we went to the circus

Tired but loved every minute of it!

Had some chocolate ice cream at intermission.

Grammy bought him an "lphant" (how Ian says it). He will be an
"lphant" for Halloween this year.

The truck was sitting in a Safeway parking lot so we went to visit.

Ian driving the "BIG fire truck"

After this shot, it was time to go. He teared up and did
his "more" sign and said "more fire truck" until I told him we were
going to see daddy.  Then he said, "Daddy? bye bye fire truck"

Helping clean pine needles of of Scott and Natascha's deck (sort of)