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Watching Broncos game

Early Christmas at Gallaher's house. 

As predicted, more interested in paper than gifts

Is there paper in there??

We are sure he will turn into a remote hog.

Outfit daddy brought back from Hawaii...Vedra corrupting him. :-)

Beach bum?

Found the wax paper

Crawling OUT of the cupboard.

Peek a boo!

Family photo

Ian at 9 months old

On his new turbo sit and spin that Grandpa and Grandma Osborn got him for Christmas.  Hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.  Loves it though.

Hanging out with Cousin Anna

Playing Piano on Christmas Eve

Hanging out with Cousin Matt

Listening to tall tales from Bev on Christmas Eve

Grandma Freeman feeding Ian

Larry wondering if his phone will work again

Angie and Ian

Playing the pots and pans

LOVES his new farm toy from Kris, John, Matt and Anna

Such a ham at feeding time

Loved his maraca

Hanging out with Grammy Pam

Ian's new snow pants

Chillin' in the sled

I'm just kicken' back mom!

Not too sure about Buddy the horse

First time playing in the snow in Aspen

Riding a rocking horse at Grammy's

Out for a sleigh ride with Daddy

Ian did a face plant when he fell out of the sleigh

Smothered in Bears!!!

Ian took his first steps on Valentine's Day!

One year ago on February 3rd...

Amazing how much he's grown in 1 year!


His First Birthday cake: compliments of Scott Rinehart and Natascha Nowik
Oh how we laughed!!!!


Just like his dad!

It took a little time and some coaxing but he got into it...


Ian's new favorite thing to do


Uncle Roy reading Ian's new book.  Ian LOVES books.


Present from Roy and Vedra


On to more presents


Ian's very first computer.  A laptop with a mouse no less!!!


A bit more "toned down" birthday cake


Dad is worn out from the festivities.  Ian is still pumped from the cake and icecream.